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The Strength of Community.

Here in Napa and Sonoma and pretty much Northern California, we've weathered a few years of unexpected curveballs.  Fires, floods, fires and a pandemic has really taken a toll on our industry.  In an area where hospitality and tourism play a key role in our economy, and where wedding and event professionals play a huge part, we have gotten through these challenging times because we are a community that comes together. 

Now more than ever, saying that "the live events industry is in a constant state of evolution" is on point.  The needs of clients and your organizations are changing; technology progresses rapidly as we move into virtual and hybrid models; and new trends and tech emerge every day. You’re faced with shifting your strategies, protecting and growing your business and finding new clients, all while achieving new levels of creativity and inspiration. We get it. It's a lot. 

Chateau St. Jean · Magdalena Stefanek Photography
Chateau St. Jean · Magdalena Stefanek Photography
You can join any time with a choice of payment options for both new and renewing members.

Helping You Make the Case to Join

Below are some helpful resources to help you become an ILEA member!

ILEA Introduction Fact Sheet
ILEA Convince Your Boss Letter Template
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Let's set up a time to connect to explore an ILEA membership. Send a note to - We'd love to hear from you!

If you're ready, Join Now and be sure to select NAPA-SONOMA as your home chapter! 

While our chapter is small, our community has always been broad. This year, we have a plan in place to support our Members and our community. Because we're here with you and we're it in together. We want to help you connect with one another, new clients, build relationships. All the while, staying the course on education to empower you and bolster your next steps.

And ILEA is a global network; in this virtual world, it has brought us closer to those far away. That means, new connections and discovering more best practices along the way.

If you'd like to explore an ILEA membership, contact us at!  We'd love to hear from you. If you're ready, Join Now.

A Professional Association for Event and Wedding Professionals

ILEA Napa-Sonoma chapter is a professional association for live event professionals.

ILEA works to join event and meeting professionals to focus on the "event as a whole" rather than its individual parts.

Through education, networking and support, ILEA empowers special events professionals to produce outstanding results for clients while establishing positive working relationships with other event colleagues.

Chateau_St_Jean___Magdalena_Stefanek_Photography_7.pngChateau St Jean · Magdalena Stefanek Photography
Chateau_St_Jean___Magdalena_Stefanek_Photography_2.pngChateau St Jean · Magdalena Stefanek Photography

Education and Empowerment

ILEA Napa-Sonoma hosts two to three programs each month to support our members & professional community. Our gatherings are focused on education, sharing best practices, information and bolstering our members’ businesses. Members also receive discounts on event registration on all events.

Sip & Learn: Educational programs that are focused gatherings for the purpose of education, information-sharing and idea exchange. 

Master Series: Focused workshops and facilitating a deeper understanding of our members’ businesses.

Networking: More social, but purposefully creating new connections and deepening relationships. Offered mornings and afternoons.

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New Connections and Relationship Building.

Our local chapter is a great way to meet industry colleagues in the Napa-Sonoma area.  Networking is one of the primary reasons we join and why we stay members for many years.  

Chateau St Jean · Magdalena Stefanek Photography

The World is Your Oyster.

ILEA Napa-Sonoma members also can register to attend events in sister chapters across the world. Connect with other chapter membership throughout the world for limitless resources. You will connect with first-rate special event professionals through your ILEA membership.

Affinity Discount Programs

Special offers for members provide savings on high quality products and services while simultaneously supporting the efforts of the association. Members enjoy special savings on a variety of premier products and services, including business management products, car rentals, and shipping. Member Access HERE.

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Annual Events

We also look forward to these annual events: ILEA LIVE, the Esprit Awards and Spirit of Excellence Awards as well as the Annual Galas and Silent Auctions hosted by each chapter, including Napa-Sonoma!

Additional Resources and Benefits for our members and professional community can be found on the Resources tab.