What ILEA Napa-Sonoma can do for YOU!


Now that you have become a part of this exclusive organization, you have chosen to invest in both yourself and your industry. In today’s demanding world, pleasing our clients companies has become more and more challenging. ILEA brings you the resources and benefits to your fingertips.


What are my membership benefits?


Networking is one of the primary reasons we join and why we stay members for many years. Whether it is at a Napa-Sonoma program, through the member forum, or various social and networking opportunities at ILEA Eventworld, we guarantee you will connect with first-rate special event professionals through your ILEA membership.

Chapter Networking
Members can connect with other chapter membership throughout the world for limitless resources.

Affinity Programs
Special offers for members allow you to take advantage of savings on high quality products and services while simultaneously supporting the efforts of the association. The programs offer members competitive pricing and special savings on a variety of premier products and services. 2006 affinity partners are: Alamo, DHL, EarthLink, FedEx Kinko’s, Shaker Group, Inc., and Staples.


Napa-Sonoma ILEA Chapter Network
Our local chapter is a great way to meet industry colleagues in our area. Also, our local chapter is a fantastic way to volunteer and become recognized within Napa-Sonoma special events industry as a leader.

ILEA’ website is the place to go to keep current on ILEA events, access valuable information and resources, and to register for ISES LIVE, and order products.

ILEA Membership Directory
This unique directory gives you the names of all ILEA’ members, and because of its structure, it is an excellent peer-consulting directory, with members cross-referenced with their areas of expertise. Simply call or e-mail anyone when you have a question or problem to solve. The directory also includes advertising which provides you with exposure to our 5, 000+ members.

ILEA Finder Services
Potential clients and other ILEA members can locate your business on the ILEA Finder Service. Your service/product is listed along with all of your contact information including phone, e-mail and website.

ILEA Member Forum
The Member Forum is a great tool to communicate
with the other ILEA members about hot topics, business practices, risk
management, and many more issues affecting the special events industry.

ILEA Career Center
ILEA online career center is devoted to helping special
event professionals and employers find the perfect match for professional

ILEA Pages and Special Events Magazine
You will receive a complementary subscription to
Special Events Magazine
which features the latest
trends and contains great educational articles.

Education & Events

Napa-Sonoma ILEA Chapter Network
Our local chapter hosts educational programs several times a year as focused gatherings for the purpose of education, information-sharing and idea exchange.

An Institute for Professional Development. With education, recognition and one huge celebration, ILEA presents ISES LIVE each year to shine the spotlight on the industry.

CSEP Certification
The CSEP can make you more attractive to potential clients and employers by demonstrating that you are the best professional you can be. Certified Special Events Professional (CSEP) designation is the hallmark of professional achievement in the special events industry. It is earned through education, performance, experience, and service to the industry. It is recognized and respected worldwide.

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