Fancy Flush

Fancy Flush

Roman & Heather Seiffert

Roman & Heather Seiffert are the owners of Fancy Flush INC which provides luxury flushing bathroom rentals for events and other applications where a porta potty simply won't do. They have successfully turned the mundane necessity of a bathroom into a unique and pleasant experience for guests.

Fancy Flush's core principles for success are transparency, simplicity, and quality. Fancy Flush serves Sonoma, Marin, Napa, Solano, and San Francisco counties (and sometimes beyond). Famous clients (off the top) include Google, Salesforce, Netflix, HBO, Lucas Film, Kaiser Permanente, Amazon, Reddit, Yelp, Uber, Hen House, Seismic, Lagunitas, Foley, Constellation, Treasury, Jackson, US Airforce, FEMA etc. *

Fancy Flush was created in 2014 as the demand for porta potty alternatives grew.  Roman and Heather were partners in a sanitation company started by Roman’s father and received several calls regarding the rental of "luxury bathrooms".  They saw potential to innovate, but the other partners did not wish to invest in restroom trailers. When they weren't satisfied with the direction and growth of their old company; few creative outlets, over regulation, steep competition, poor quality client, they decided to sell their interest in the partnership and formed a new company

Heather and Roman love hanging out with fellow event industry members. The nature of their business does not allow them much face time with their clients. They are normally at a site for 20min so ILEA events allow them the opportunity to get to know industry clients better. Also, the events are usually catered, so they are always excited to get to try new foods and beverages, YUM! 

Since Covid started, Fancy Flush focused its efforts on providing services to assist companies in keeping their employees safe as well as helping hospitals and government agencies with their efforts to fight the virus.  Even with that, we were a bit slow, so we decided to recycle our very first restroom trailer into a brand-new restroom model called the "Estate" series.  We are hoping to enter it into the "Best Bathroom in America" contest.    

 At ILEA Napa Sonoma, we have been interested in hearing about the positive things that have resulted from the down time of COVID.  Roman told us that he has spent the last year learning and investing in the stock market, teaching himself CAD design programs, getting into 3D printing and conceptualizing new products.  Heather and he also explored Industrial Engineering and Kaizan and took a long road trip.

These two not only have a great business that has sustained through the challenges of the past year, but it sounds like they have thrived both personally and professionally in 2020 and the beginning of 2021 and they are refreshed and ready to get back to events.

In this short spotlight we can’t even begin to delve into all the interesting things Roman and Heather told us.  Be sure to find the two of them at the next in person ILEA event and you will be glad you did!


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