Sip & Learn: Reopening During the New Abnormal with Steven Adelman

When:  Nov 10, 2020 from 4:00 PM to 6:00 PM (PT)
Associated with  Napa-Sonoma Chapter


Why Is This So Hard for Us?
Reopening During the New Abnormal

Reopening Safely and Legal Obligations

Guest Host: Steve Adelman, Event Safety Alliance

Within just a few weeks after the COVID-19 pandemic shuttered live events in theUnited States, robust treatises such as the Event Safety Alliance Reopening Guide started to be released about how to mitigate the new risks in a reasonably healthy and safe way.  ESA_logo.jpgA consensus quickly emerged around the importance of three things: social distancing, face covering, and hand washing. Yet, anywhere Americans were allowed to exercise their own discretion, they abused it, forcing events to stay closed far longer than necessary. 

This session will explore what we have learned from these self-inflicted wounds, and how smart event professionals can apply that knowledge to safely hold events during this “new abnormal.”

About Steven Adelman
Steve_Adelman.jpgSteven A. Adelman is head of Adelman Law Group, PLLC and Vice President of the Event Safety Alliance.  His law practice focuses on risk and safety at live events throughout North America, and he serves as an expert witness in crowd-related lawsuits. 

Steve Adelman is widely recognized as an authority regarding event safety and security.  He is principal author of the authoritative Crowd Management standard in the United States, ANSI ES1.9-2020.  He was lead author of the Event Safety Alliance Reopening Guide, which has been translated into nearly a dozen foreign languages.  He is a law school professor teaching “Risk Management in Venues,” author of the “Adelman on Venues” blog and “Ask Steve” video series explaining legal issues at live events, and he frequently appears in national and local media analyzing safety and security incidents at public accommodations.

Steve Adelman graduated from Boston College Law School in 1994.  He can be reached at

Crowd Management ANSI standard, ANSI ES1.9-2020
Event Safety Alliance Reopening Guide

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